Our best seller

1- The make-up remover glove

The make-up remover glove "C'est moi qui l'ai fait" ensures gentleness, efficiency and respect for the environment.

It's a great eco-friendly alternative to disposable cotton pads for everyday use. This makeup remover glove will last you for years. Entirely in cotton, it is washable and does not deteriorate during maintenance. Economical and ecological, the make-up remover glove promises effectiveness similar to that of disposable cottons, or even superior.


 2- The farm pasta 


Farm pasta is very interesting in terms of food because of its very low glycemic index, it has no wheat bran and is therefore very digestible and also contains 15% protein.

They are ideal for athletes, diabetics, gluten intolerants or simply people who want to be careful with their diet.

Moreover, they come from wheat grown in agroecology, then the producer makes his flour and then his pasta. From wheat to plate. 


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